CyberSec Centre for Advanced Studies,
Dr. A.P. J. Abdul Kalam Technical University, New Campus(Lucknow), Jankipuram, Vistar Yojna, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh-226031

Cyber-Sec Group is a premier academic community of Centre for Advanced Studies (CAS) with a goal to provide a cyber security knowledge base to our members. Students can benefit from unique opportunities and develop technical knowledge, develop security skills, and network with professionals. Currently Cyber-Sec is organizing a five day short term course on Cyber Security along with a 'Cyber Geeks Quiz'. IT offers education and certification programs for information security professionals and students, providing training, hands-on exercises so that they can be aware of cyber security threats, and how to prevent such attacks. Continuous Learning and Improvement is the aim of this group.

With the advent of new technologies, the risks and vulnerabilities also increases. Securing critical infrastructure against cyber threats presents significant challenges. Our Coordinators share their experiences, tips, and information and our team members are currently researching on various areas of cyber security and developing solutions.

Cyber-Sec believes in building a stronger community, it organizes free cyber security meets along with other community initiatives like security trainings, student mentorship programme etc. These meets are free of cost and anybody interested in the field of cyber security are welcome to attend the meet. The purpose of these small conferences is to collaborate and interact with cyber security professionals and experts from various sectors to discuss and share the latest innovations and developments in the field of cyber security.

Our Coordinators:

  • Dr. Vijay Tiwari, Director, Ministry of Defence Research Areas: Network and Information Security.
  • Mr. Ashu Sharma Research Areas: Malware Analysis and Cyber Security.
  • Ms. Annie Irfan Research Areas: Formal Methods, Cryptography and security protocols.

Team Members (Research Scholars of CAS)

  • Pratishtha Saxena Research Areas: Network Security
  • Parul Gahelot Research Areas: Network Security
  • Monika Research Areas: Operating System Security
  • Nitesh Kumar Research Areas: Formal Methods
  • Samarjeet Yadav Research Areas: Operating System Security
  • Kumar Shanu Singh Research Areas: Cryptography - Key exchange algorithm
  • Ankita Gautam Research Areas: Malware Detection
  • Areeba Irshad Research Areas: Network Security
  • Anushika Chauhan Research Areas: Identity and Access Management
  • Anam Fatima Research Areas: Web Application Security
  • Arvind Gautam Research Areas: Operating System Security
  • Shikha Research Areas: System security
  • Vishal Chaudhary Research Areas: Linux Architecture Security
  • Sunil Kumar Verma Research Areas: System Security

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