Principal Project Coordinator

Prof. Manish Gaur, Director at Centre for Advanced Studies Lucknow

Phone: +91 9415039258(M)

Research Area: Formal methods and verification of systems, Semantics of programming lan- guages.

Research Statement: Pdf

Fellowship: Commonwealth-UK: Post Doctoral Academic Fellow Department of Computing Science University of Glasgow, UK
Fellowship Duration: October 2012-January 2013
Supervisor: Dr Simon Gay

Education :
1. PhD in Computer Science Department of Informatics University of Sussex, UK
Award Date: December 2008
Thesis Title: A routing calculus: towards formalising the cost of compu- tation in a distributed computer network
Supervisor: Prof Matthew Hennessy and Dr Ian Mackie

2. M. Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering Department of Computer Science and Engineering Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IIT Delhi), New Delhi, India
Date of Graduation: December 2001
Thesis Title: Deciding efficiency prebisimulation
Supervisor: Prof S. Arun-Kumar

3. B.E. in Computer Engineering Department of Computer Engineering S.V. Regional College of Engg. and Tech. Surat, India (Now S.V. National Institute of Technology Surat, India)
Date of Graduation: August 1992

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