Course Details

Cyber Security is used to protect networks using technological processes and practices, from attackers who access and damage the data. Cybersecurity helps professionals to find out vulnerabilities, attacks, unauthorized access, and quick response to an emergency. Students enrolled in this specialization are trained with cybersecurity concepts to design solutions for challenging security problems. Cybersecurity helps in testing of cybercrime disaster recovery, impact analysis for business, and develops a solution for information security and management.

Courses offered:
Semester 1: Discrete Mathematics and Graph Theory, Advanced Computer Networks and Communication, Pattern Recognition, Probability Statistics, Research Methodology
Semester 2: Fundamentals of Information Security & Practices, Cryptography, Ethical Hacking, Security Standards & Project Management, System Security, Identity and Access Management & Trusted Computing.
Semester 3: Network Protocol Security, Internet of Things, Digital and Cyber Forensics, Wireless Sensor Network, Cloud Computing, Media Security, Intelligent System and Green Computing
Semester 4:Thesis/Dissertation

Research Areas

Blockchain, Malware analysis, Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Testing, Web Security, Intrusion Detection, Media Security.

Quick Links to Talks by Eminent International Scientists:
1. Detecting and Counteracting begin faults and malicious attacks in cyber physical Systems by Prof. Israel Koren University of Massachusetts, USA
2. System Science of Security and Resilience of Cyber - Physical Systems By Prof. Xenofon Koutsoukos

Conference Travel Support for Students:
The enrolled students are entitled to publish in peer-reviewed conferences and journals, and the incurred expenses are borne by the institute subject to the Institute/ University rules. The students are also encouraged to enhance their knowledge by attending various workshops, seminars, short term courses, and internships from reputed institutes and organizations.
Scholarships and Awards:
All GATE qualified students get monthly stipend as per AICTE/ University norms. The students get recognition and awards for impactful publications in SCI indexed journals, outstanding contributions through innovations, and best research ideas in various research contests.